About Us

New Lantern Media

New Lantern Media is a multi-media production company specializing in Podcasts, Video and Art. We care deeply about our audience and work hard to produce enticing, high quality content on a weekly basis. Currently we produce podcasts ParaTruth Radio, Beyond Reason, Paranormal Heart and Let's Talk About It... and are currently in development of an upcoming web-based video series. With eleven years of independent professional education leading the way, we are excited to follow the flickering light of our New Lantern Media as we endeavor on another ten years within the creative industry.   

The Team

The People of New Lantern

Justin Cancilliere is the executive producer of New Lantern Media, as well as sound tech. He has been in the podcasting industry for over 11 years, has been on networks such as Para-X, Shark Radio, Fringe Radio Network, and TMV Cafe. Justin has accrued much knowledge on how to do a podcast well and wants to help others in pursuing their dream of being a podcast personality. He co-hosts ParaTruth Radio as well as hosts his own show, Beyond Reason. On top of all that, Justin is also an author.

Executive Producer of New Lantern Media

Erik Scerbak is the creative director and producer of New Lantern Media. Having more than 11 years of podcasting experience, creating 4 podcasts and working alongside some of the industries greatest talent; he set out on a journey that would ultimately become New Lantern Media. Erik is an avid filmmaker and works with creativity in mind, finding new and exciting ways to bring entertainment to viewers and listeners around the world via video and radio. He currently co-hosts ParaTruth Radio and is now opening doors to creative talent who is interested in delving into the industry that he loves.